Hypermarket and Bees – who is the best?

Hypermarkets are shops. They can be called “Hyper”, “Mega” or just “Big”, but they are shops. As is well known, if a hypermarket is closed, if a chain of stores simply disappears, it has no bearing on biodiversity and life on the planet or in a city.

These are facts known to everyone, except the hypermarkets themselves or the advertisers – those who make their advertising strategies and campaigns.

In this Kaufland brochure in the end of the May 2021, all the compressed air that the advertising campaigns represent is gathered on one page. In plain language, which advertisers think is suitable for not-so-smart customers, it says that Kaufland is almost necessary for biodiversity and the balance of nature, as well as bees.

Someone has obviously overestimated himself or doesn’t know his place, or doesn’t control his advertisers, or has hired inappropriate people, or … a hypermarket turning around, a lot of roads.

And this time is the path of bad taste, of insulting those who read this thing, of suggestions that are harmful to nature, if someone still believes them. What is the circulation of this brochure – it is possible that someone will naively trust them.

Someone there has to wake up, analyze, be creative, respect the customers who make his existence possible.

Long live the bees (hypermarkets are optional) !

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