Hello Twitter!

Hello Twitter!

It is probably better to stop with the mandatory requirement from your users and customers to whom you owe everything – to provide you with your personal phone, as well as other personal information that is “mandatory”.

Let’s recall some basic principles. People are free, and your users are people too. They have the right to choose what communication to use with others. They have the right to give up the phone – nothing obliges them to have a phone or other electronic connectivity.

Consumers have the right to choose a horse or a carrier pigeon as their main connection with other people. And social networks, if they are really social, must respect this choice.

And because they have that right, they can give up the Twitter as well as the phone. Therefore, the requirement that you have made mandatory seems obsolete, Stone Age thinking (without offending prehistoric people).

So, it would be wise to respect consumer rights. If you do not know these rights well enough, you could use the professional services of independent organizations and learn more about consumers to better understand them.

With best wishes for health and success in improving Twitter!

Some free tips for Twitter team:

  • Replace “we use” with “you can use”.
  • Use more often “OR” to give people more freedom to make choice.
  • Pay more respect to people and their opinion freeIN Center Team.

freeIN Center Team

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