Work of the freeIN Center quoted in an international report from January 2021

The freeIN Center (Free Information Surveys Ltd) team did a remarkable job in one of the oldest industries – the mining of metals, or the mining industry.

For three months, we reached the extreme depth in the survey and analysis of the relations in this industry and the human factor in it. Just as miners reach into the bowels of the earth, as far as technology allows.

Completing quality work would not have been possible without the assistance of miners and residents of mining villages. Without the old miner’s wife, who told how her husband survived – every day, after leaving the mine, he went to work for two hours, collecting firewood in the forest for two hours, which he delivered to households in the city. Or the young miner we stood with in the icy wind of a street talking about his work in the open pit mine and the white smoke that still rose above the mine and was said to be just water vapor, but you know what else in it … Or the people in the mining clubs and pubs who stopped there when it got dark. They all understood how important it was to say things as they really were.

Only building mutual trust with these people makes it possible to conduct a reliable sociological survey, what we did.

As in many other sectors, this is the main capital – the people. And technology must serve them and be used rationally with a long-term vision, where the environment and man play the most important role.


Link to the report

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